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The Nebraska-Iowa District of Circle K International (CKI) has been going since its first chartered club in 1961. To ensure the success of this district, the Nebraska-Iowa District of Circle K International Strategic Plan was adopted to better define targeted areas for the district to focus on in order to encourage future success. This strategic plan is meant to serve as a living document to be edited and updated as goals are met and new goals are determined.


District Growth


Goal: To promote club membership growth and increase the number of clubs in the Nebraska-Iowa District of CKI.

  • To increase membership in the clubs to a minimum of 15 members per club and to increase that number consistently every year.

    • To provide clubs with appropriate recruitment materials.

  • To increase the number of clubs every year by chartering one club per Lt. Governor 

    • Or have Lt. Governors work together to charter clubs

    • To create a strategic chartering plan that places emphasis on Nebraska-Iowa growth. 


Membership Development 


Goal: To communicate with the Nebraska-Iowa District of CKI and the surrounding communities in multiple different methods.

  • Each club should be tabling at least once each semester to bring in new members

  • Implement New Member Education provided by international across all clubs in the district

    • Each club should go through this every semester with all members, not just new ones

    • Either hold meetings once a week for a month or once every other week for two months

  • Professional growth and development of each club through the use of educational tools and resources

  • Provide a clear vision and standard of the Nebraska-Iowa CKI for all CKI Clubs through the use of educational training, resources, etc.

  • Develop standardized leadership training through DCON and the annual Nebraska-Iowa president/district officer training

  • Have each club’s officers and each district board officer fill out a Club Officer Successor Package to ensure comprehensive leadership throughout the years (Club Officer Successor Package)


Kiwanis Family Relations


Goal: To enhance and build upon our network of relationships within the Nebraska-Iowa District Kiwanis Family. 

  • To increase retention within the Kiwanis Family system going from Key Club to Circle K and Circle K to Kiwanis.

    • To establish more concrete connections with Key Clubs all across Nebraska and Iowa in an effort to improve recruitment and retention district-wide

      • Note: connections must be strong enough to assist with future recruitment and retention efforts 

    • To continue to work closely with sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs to encourage Kiwanis membership recruitment from past Circle K members 

  • To increase positional counterpart relationships with both Key Club and Kiwanis through inter-board communication and events. 




Goals: To educate members of the Nebraska-Iowa District of CKI on our service partners, service initiatives, and the Governor’s project, and to see an increase in impactful service.

  • To increase knowledge about Circle K International service partners and service initiatives through promotional materials and education of members.

  • To increase ways to participate on more of an international scale by performing service projects that impact both Nebraska and Iowa as well as the world.

  • To promote the importance of impactful service in the communities where Nebraska-Iowa District Circle K clubs are located.

    • To assist each club, if needed, in finding local community partners to perform regular service.

  • To promote both Fall Day of Service and Spring Day of Service in all Nebraska-Iowa regions and draw an equal number of members from each region.

    • To increase Fall Day of Service and Spring Day of Service attendance each by 5 members each year (as per our district goals this year vs last year).

  • To highlight the Governor’s service project regularly and provide updates through promotional materials and club meetings.

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