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District Committees

Recruitment &

The recruitment and retention committee works with the District Board to create recruitment materials and assist clubs with member retention

Work with District Board and respective Club Presidents to retain club membership
Reach out to prospective charter Presidents to expand district growth
Organize workshops for DCON
Update out-of-date resources on District drive
Create new resources for general members, club officers, and district officers
Work with the Media Relations Specialist to create graphics and resources 

District Events 

The District Events Committee works with the District Board to plan Fall Day of Service and District Convention

Serve as chair of the Conventions & Conferences committee from April to March
Assist/lead planning efforts for the 2021 Fall Day of Service 
Assist/lead planning efforts for the 2021 Nebraska-Iowa District Convention 
Plan decorations to be made for District Convention
Plan large scale service events for Fall Day of Service and District Convention
Publicizing and promoting events
Work with the R&R Chair to plan workshops
Creating the event t-shirt design

Kiwanis Family

The Kiwanis Family Committee works the the District Board to promote strong Kiwanis Family relations, run K-Family-related workshops and plans and facilitates Kiwanis Family Week

Work to develop strong relationships with Key Club and Kiwanis Governors
Plan events to interact with other branches of the Kiwanis family
Plan relevant workshops for DCON
Attend Kiwanis family events
Organize sponsorships for District Convention
Create and design a quarterly newsletter to send to all Kiwanis clubs
Further Circle K awareness amongst Kiwanis Clubs

Want to get involved in a committee? Reach out to your club president or check out the Get Involved page for more information!

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